Middle School Parent Involvement Plan


Brookfield R-III Middle School believes that parent involvement is an integral part of any child’s success in school. Schools and teachers must make every effort to keep parents informed about and involved in their child’s learning. Brookfield R-III Middle School staff will follow the guidelines of the Brookfield R-III School District Title I Parent Involvement Policy as described below:

  1. Annual parent meetings will be held for the purpose of informing parents of their school’s participation in Title I and providing an explanation of Title I requirements as well as the right of parents to be involved. These meetings will be held in conjunction with Back-to-School Night, Family Involvement Nights and/or building level Parent Advisory Meetings. In addition, information regarding the Title I program will be shared via building level newsletters periodically throughout the year.
  2. Parents will be invited to attend Family Involvement Nights each year.  Family involvement nights will consist of parent education along with opportunities for parent and student to participate in activities so that families can become more familiar with the daily experiences of their child.
  3. Parent education activities will provide information about Title I programs as well as an explanation of the curriculum in use at the school, the forms of assessment used to measure student progress, and the proficiency levels students are expected to meet (grade level expectations.)
  4. Parents will be provided information throughout the year regarding tips to work with their children in the area of English Language Arts.  Title I teachers will coordinate with classroom teachers regarding dissemination of this information via classroom newsletters or other building-level procedures (such as having information available during parent-teacher conferences).
  5. Parents of students receiving small group instruction by a Title I teacher will be provided with at least one report each semeste informing them of their child’s progress. Title I teachers will be available to attend regularly scheduled parent-teacher conferences along with the classroom teacher.
  6. Title I personnel will be available to schedule individual conferences with parents to answer questions regarding their child’s assessments and participation in instructional opportunities facilitated by Title I staff. 
  7. A school-parent compact will be developed and maintained by the district to encourage shared responsibilities for high student academic achievement.  The compact will be reviewed and revised annually based on input provided by all stakeholders – parents, school staff, and students.  The compact will describe the responsibility of the school to provide a high-quality curriculum and instruction in a supportive and effective learning environment as well as how parents will be responsible for supporting their child’s learning.  The school-parent compact will be shared with the parents of all middle school students.
  8. Brookfield R-III will provide support and assistance to parents in the form of training and/or materials necessary to understand state standards and assessments as well as to improve the performance of their child’s achievement.  The district will also work with parents to educate all school personnel in valuing parent contributions, improving communication with parents, implementing and coordinating parent programs, and building ties between home and school.
  9. Brookfield R-III will coordinate Title I parent involvement activities with other existing district parent involvement programs.
  10. Brookfield R-III will ensure that all information related to school and parent programs/activities is presented in a format and language that parents can understand.  Parent resources and opportunities to learn about child development will be provided as appropriate.

The Brookfield Middle School Parent Involvement Plan will be developed with the assistance of parents of participating children.  The plan will be updated periodically to meet the changing needs of parents and the school.  Copies of the Parent Involvement Plan will be distributed to all parents of middle school students at the beginning of school each year.